Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love Yourself This Valentines Day*

Valentines Day is all about love and showing those people who are most close to you exactly how much they mean to you. So we can show everyone else the love but how often can we honestly say we look in the mirror and think about what we love about ourselves?
 I can roll off a list of all the things I love about my nearest and dearest but when you think about it personally it is actually quite difficult!
To mark the day of love PebbleGrey* wanted us to look in the mirror and think of reasons why we love ourselves, what makes us smile and what makes you….you!
Since Valentines Day is on the 14th of February I thought I would try and think of 14 things I love about being me…so here goes nothing!
1.       I’m quite an emotional person – This can be seen as good and bad but I want to focus on the good! Being emotional means that I find it easy to relate to people and can put myself in other people’s shoes.
2.       Hard working- I try my best in everything I do whether it be at home or at work and I think this is a trait that shines though in my personality.
3.       Determined – If I want something or want to achieve something I will do everything in my power to get it!
4.       I quite like my eyes – My eyes are not really all one colour which I think makes them a bit different and unique which if I’m honest I kind of like!
5.       I’m caring – I think I am a very caring and considerate person.
6.       I’m super friendly! – I think this probably comes from working in customer service. I tend to be really friendly and chatty with most people!
7.       I’m a learner – I love learning new things and am always trying to broaden my knowledge. Keeps the old brain active!
8.       I’m a saver – I have always saved money for things I really would like rather than just throwing money around. This has enabled me to have things I really cherish rather than just lots of random stuff!
9.       My lips – I think I probably would like lips which were a bit fuller but we cannot all be Angelina Jolie! In all my lips are quite nice, nothing that a bit of lippy cannot sort!
10.   My eyelashes – Again with the right mascara I really love my eye lashes!
11.   Small feet – This may be strange but I quite like I have smallish feet at a size 5. It means I can get nearly all the shoes I want and at a reasonable price!
12.   I form friendships easily – Going back to being friendly. When I form friendships they tend to be a close bond and I think that is quite a nice trait.
13.   Soft skin – My skin is soft, most of the time with a little help form a good moisturiser! But I like it!
14.   I’m an every cloud kinda girl! – For everything bad I try to think of a positive to outweigh the negative, it just makes for a happy Kirsty!
If you do one of these lists leave your links below, I would love to have a read!
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