Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ebay Finds: Under £5 'The Floral Edition'

So I quite enjoyed doing my previous Ebay finds under £5 last time with 'The Disney Edition' so thought I would do it again but this time with a floral theme, let me know what you think!
Scarf - £3.99
Earrings – 99p
Which of these items is your favourite?

Monday, 26 August 2013

Avon Glimmer Sticks Brow Definer

Avon are one of my favourite places to buy makeup from, you can find some real gems at great prices. So when I was in need of a product for my brows and saw this on offer in the catalogue for £3 it was a win win situation.
 The pencil is part of the Glimmer Sticks range so having previously used and loved the eyeliners in this range I had high hopes for this one. And I can safely say it did not disappoint!
 I really like the formula of the pencil as it has a really creamy consistency that does not feel harsh or sharp against your skin, it feels more like a thin crayon and as a result it does not need sharpening. You simple twist the tube to release more product.
 Using the pencil is really easy. You just need to gently brush it into your brows to achieve a natural but more groomed look. It fills in any sparse areas and shapes your eyebrows perfectly without looking too ‘Scouse-Brow’.
 The colour that I went for was in the ‘Dark Brown’ shade. Now usually I do not go for the darker shades in brow products as even though my hair is quite dark I do not like the heavy look that they give my brows. This however is different, as you can see it is quite light. I found that it blends perfectly and really suits my hair colour.  
 If you consider how much money you could spend on products like this I think this is an absolutely fantastic find and I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.
What are you favourite products from Avon?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Truffle Shuffle T-Shirt Wish List

So today I thought I would compile a mini wishlist of my favourite T-Shirts from TruffleShuffle. For those of you who haven't heard of TruffleShuffle before basically they are an online retailer who specialise in making clothing and gifts with themes. You will find all sorts of t-shirts, hoodies,jackets etc all based around past and present tv shows and films. They have now even started doing a Roald Dahl range which is pretty cool.

Goonies T-Shirt - £19.99
Which of these T-Shirts is your favourite? Have you ever used TruffleShuffle?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Skin Saviour: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

I know this is no secret in the beauty blogging world but I thought I would put my 2 cents in about how I feel about the infamous La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.
 No surprises, I love it! About a month or so ago I asked on the #bbloggers chat about what was best to clear up problematic skin. Although I had seen several blog posts about this I wanted to know if it was really worth the hype. The majority of the #bbloggers agreed that it was.
 Now the one thing that was putting me off was the fact that I have quite sensitive skin, this mixed with the fact that a tube of this stuff costs around £13 was what was holding me back. What if I didn’t like it? What if my skin absolutely hated it? Anyway when I saw it in a blog sale there was no doubt about it and I snapped it up.
 And Oh My God am I glad I did. This stuff truly is amazing. I tend to suffer with blemishes on my chin. They tend to be those horrible under the skin spots that are quite red and sore. When I get these they seem to linger for days, but not after using the Effaclar Duo!
 I use this in my evening routine and just on the effected area, so in my case my chin. I just use a small amount and it sinks into my skin easily and does not feel at all greasy or heavy. In the morning I wake up and the difference is incredible. The size of the spot has either gone down massively or is hardly even noticeable.
 So as I said before this does cost around £13 but I think it is definitely worth it. I have used it on tiny and larger blemishes and it just works wonders.
Have you tried the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo?

Monday, 19 August 2013

NOTD: Headline Colours 'Pool Side Party'

I received this nail varnish in a Glossy Box a little while ago but have only just got around to wearing it. It is the first product that I have ever tried from Headline Colours because if I’m honest I have never heard of them before.
So onto the nail varnish, how amazing is this shade of blue! It is so summery and I can definitely see why it is called ‘Pool Side Party’, the name sums it up perfectly.
It is lovely and bright and adds an instant pop of colour to your look.
I really like the formula of this nail varnish as well, it is easy to apply and in 2 coats you get a good, solid colour.
Have you tried anything from Headline Colours?

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Shoe Showcase: New Look Heels

New look is a high street brand that I think has pretty much got it nailed when it comes to foot wear. They have really cute designs which are comfortable to wear and are affordable.
 I picked these little beauties up a few years ago and they are one of my favourite pairs of heels. I loved them so much I got them in this gorgeous silver glittery design and in just black with the lace.
  Usually I am not one for a peep toe but for shoes that are this beautiful I made an exception.  I love the detailing of the shoes and although they are glittery the glitter does stay on the shoes! As I said I have had these for a few years and the glitter still looks lovely and shiny.
I have found the sizing in New Look shoes to be spot on, the shoes do not feel tight or rub at all. They are really well fitted, this is an extremely important factor when picking shoes to wear on a night out!
 I think I paid £20 for these which I do not think is a bad price to pay at all. I think they look a lot more expensive than this as well.
 So if you haven’t ever had a browse at the shoe section in New Look what are you waiting for?!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Bourjois Intense Eye Shadow Pots

 Bourjois is a high street makeup brand that I really like. In terms of quality and affordability their makeup is fantastic. In fact the Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara was the first mascara that I properly fell in love with. So when I was a bridesmaid last year and wanted to get some new makeup for the occasion I popped along to my local Superdrug to pick up some new bits and bobs. To my delight Bourjois was on offer at 3 for 2 at the time which was perfect as I wanted 2 eye shadows and a lip gloss.
 The eye shadows that I picked up were the 'Intense' shadows in colours 01 which is a gold and 03 which is a pink. Both of these are quite glittery but neutral which I liked as I was looking for something that was a bit special but not too over the top.
In terms of consistency these aren't very powdery at all so you do not have to deal with the dreaded excess falling onto your cheeks, one of my pet hates! What I would say though is that to get these to last all day you would need to wear a primer underneath as they staying power on their own isn't great.

 I really like these colours and I also like that they can be built up to create a solid colour or just swept across your lid gently for a really pretty and subtle look.
These are priced at an average of £6.99 which I think is a good price for these and if you pick them up when they are on offer then even better! I love a bargain me.

What are your favourite Bourjois products?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shoe Showcase: Converse Double Tongue

 I absolutely love shoes as I am sure many of you do as well so this is going to be a sort of mini series just to show you guys some of my favourite pairs of shoes. Now some of them may not be as glamorous as others but a girl needs to cater for all occasions!
The first pair of shoes I am starting with in this series are my most worn pair of shoes and they are my double tongue Converse. If you do not own a pair of Converse I have to tell you now, you are missing out!
  I got these a few years ago as I was buying the £4 plimsolls from Primark to use as my comfy shoes to just chuck on whenever I needed but after going through 4 pairs of them I thought it would be better to invest in a sturdier pair so I held out until Christmas and got these as a gift, one happy Kirsty.
 So these aren't like the regular Converse as they have the double tongue. I wanted the double tongue ones as I thought they looked great with that pop of colour. You can get all sorts of different variations so it is worth having a good look to find a pair you like. My blue ones suit me right down to the ground.
 I like that they are versatile as well. I can wear these with just my lazy jogger pants or can team them out with some nice skinny jeans.
 That’s enough about the design, the other major plus point to these shoes is the comfort! They are so comfy, not waterproof but comfy. I am able to walk a round all day in these without any problems.
 So that’s it really, my most worn pair of shoes in a nutshell! As I said before if you haven’t got a pair of Converse you are missing out, they are definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe now and a firm favourite.

Check back soon for the next Shoe Showcase!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

  I remember when Tangle Teezers were on Dragons Den years ago and admittedly I thought ‘Surely a little hairbrush like that cannot be that great’, so after my initial thought process when I did see these hit the shelves I didn’t bother to buy one. However someone I worked with bought one and she completely converted me and then when I read all of the reviews online I just had to have one.
 You can get two types of Tangle Teezer you can get one which is just the brush or you can pay a little bit extra and get a brush which has a cover. I went for the one with the cover as I know what states my handbag can get into, the last thing I was is bits of rubbish in my hairbrush!
 The brush is curved so it fits nicely into your hands making it easy to brush through your hair. The bristles of the brush are really bendy which helps to smooth away knots without all the tugging and pulling you get from a normal hair brush. No more pain!
 I really like this brush. I have used it on wet and dry hair and it makes brushing so much easier with less ‘Aaahh’-ing. My hair is quite thin so does tend to get knotty especially in the wind and when I use this brush the knots just seem to disappear without me even really noticing and my hair is left soft and smooth.
 This is certainly the best compact hair brush I have used and may be one of the best brushes I have used full stop. A big thumbs up for the Tangle Teezer!
What do you think of the Tangle Teezer? Is it worth the hype?

Monday, 5 August 2013

July Empties

Hi Guys so I had quite a few empties this month so thought I would share them with you!

Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash – I absolutely love Dove shower products, I think they are amazing! They smell so nice and leave your skin feeling so soft. This one is a floral scent mixed with honey and it smells so yummy.
Repurchase? Definitely
Tesco My Senses Shampoo ‘Heavenly Body’ – This is the Tesco own version of Herbal Essences, as you can probably tell from the bottle. I purchased this as it was on offer and thought I could save some pennies. Now this shampoo does smell really lovely and how you would imagine an Herbal Essences product to smell however I found it did not leave my hair as nice. When I first started using it my hair loved it but after a couple of weeks it just didn’t have that nice effect on my hair and it did not provide any volume at all really.
Repurchase? As a holiday shampoo probably but not for every day use
Garnier Mineral Ultra Dry 48 hour Anti-Perspirant – I wanted to try a mineral deodorant as I am always interested in products that are a bit better for my skin so when this was on offer I thought I would give it a go. Overall this deodorant was OK but I have found other deodorants to keep my underarms more dry.
Repurchase? Probably not 
Simple Spotless Skin triple Action Face Wash – I was on a look out for a cleanser that would help prevent breakouts without spending the small fortune that I would normally spend on my Clinique Anti-blemish face wash so when I saw this on offer in Boots I thought I had nothing to lose! I found that it provided a really effective cleanse and did help to keep my skin clear however I found that during more hormonal times of the month this wasn’t as effective as Clinique.
Repurchase? Yes
Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector- When I first started using this BB cream I thought it was great. I have found that it provides great coverage and is quite long lasting. However recently when I have been wearing this every day it has started to become quite oily on my skin. If I mix it up and try using different products it is fine but my skin just doesn’t like it every day.
Repurchase? Yes
Elemis Fresh Skin Exfoliating Face Wash – I have been trying to save a bit of money and have been shopping my stash when I have run out of products. So when I ran out of my trusty St Ives Apricot Scrub I frantically looked through my samples and found this. I like this exfoliator as it smells quite fresh and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft but it is quite expensive compared to my regular exfoliator.
Repurchase? No as I think my St Ives does the job just as well
Have you used any of these products? What do you think?