Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shoe Showcase: Converse Double Tongue

 I absolutely love shoes as I am sure many of you do as well so this is going to be a sort of mini series just to show you guys some of my favourite pairs of shoes. Now some of them may not be as glamorous as others but a girl needs to cater for all occasions!
The first pair of shoes I am starting with in this series are my most worn pair of shoes and they are my double tongue Converse. If you do not own a pair of Converse I have to tell you now, you are missing out!
  I got these a few years ago as I was buying the £4 plimsolls from Primark to use as my comfy shoes to just chuck on whenever I needed but after going through 4 pairs of them I thought it would be better to invest in a sturdier pair so I held out until Christmas and got these as a gift, one happy Kirsty.
 So these aren't like the regular Converse as they have the double tongue. I wanted the double tongue ones as I thought they looked great with that pop of colour. You can get all sorts of different variations so it is worth having a good look to find a pair you like. My blue ones suit me right down to the ground.
 I like that they are versatile as well. I can wear these with just my lazy jogger pants or can team them out with some nice skinny jeans.
 That’s enough about the design, the other major plus point to these shoes is the comfort! They are so comfy, not waterproof but comfy. I am able to walk a round all day in these without any problems.
 So that’s it really, my most worn pair of shoes in a nutshell! As I said before if you haven’t got a pair of Converse you are missing out, they are definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe now and a firm favourite.

Check back soon for the next Shoe Showcase!


  1. I haven't seen double tongue converse in years!


    1. They are around, office sell a wide variety of them here:,21/2503203887?referer=carousel