Saturday, 17 August 2013

Shoe Showcase: New Look Heels

New look is a high street brand that I think has pretty much got it nailed when it comes to foot wear. They have really cute designs which are comfortable to wear and are affordable.
 I picked these little beauties up a few years ago and they are one of my favourite pairs of heels. I loved them so much I got them in this gorgeous silver glittery design and in just black with the lace.
  Usually I am not one for a peep toe but for shoes that are this beautiful I made an exception.  I love the detailing of the shoes and although they are glittery the glitter does stay on the shoes! As I said I have had these for a few years and the glitter still looks lovely and shiny.
I have found the sizing in New Look shoes to be spot on, the shoes do not feel tight or rub at all. They are really well fitted, this is an extremely important factor when picking shoes to wear on a night out!
 I think I paid £20 for these which I do not think is a bad price to pay at all. I think they look a lot more expensive than this as well.
 So if you haven’t ever had a browse at the shoe section in New Look what are you waiting for?!

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