Saturday, 30 May 2015

What's In My Evening Bag?

Tonight I am off out with the girls so I thought it would be the perfect time to show you what’s in my evening bag! My bag of choice is this quilted bag from River Island, I really like it as it’s nice and roomy and stylish and let’s face it it’s probably the closest thing to a Chanel that I am ever going to get. Buy hey a girl can dream!
So the essentials I take are my phone and a purse. When I am using a smaller bag I take a smaller purse and this one is a clasp purse from Cath Kidston. It looks small but it can fit everything in it that I need.
On a night on it is almost a certainty that I will need to do some sort of magic volumising trick as my hair does not like to do as it is told! I use the Enrapture Rollers before I go out and they work well but I take a small can of hairspray and a comb/brush in case I need to do some emergency back combing or juzzing. One hair spray that I really like is this one my Tresemme, the Salon Finish Extra Hold spray.
I like to take a couple of bits of makeup with me as well just to help my makeup looking fresh. I am a fan of a bright lipstick on a night out and will be found rocking a bright pink on most occasions.  Here I have 2 products; the Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in ‘Pink Vibrations’ and the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in ‘Lollipop’.
Being pale as I am, even though I tan before a night out, I do take a blush with me.  This avoids any ghostly photos being taken! This one is the Shimmer Shades ‘Blushalicious’ blush from Collection. I really like this as it is bright and really gives your cheeks a nice pop of colour.
So that’s about it, if I think it is going to be a bit of a late night I will squeeze some flat shoes on my bag but they are for emergencies only!
What’s in your evening bag?


  1. Your bag is so cute! I always have a lip balm in my bag :)

    Sarah | | Giveaway

  2. I love your bag!! For me, I always carry eyeliner in my bag, the eyes always have to look fab!xx

    1. Thanks hun! And I see where you are coming from, nothing worse than dodgy eyeliner! X