Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pandora Bracelet & Wish List

My Pandora charm bracelet was given to me by my other half and he has bought all of the charms as well, I am a lucky girl!
What I really like about Pandora bracelets is that they are personal to you. Each of the charms on my bracelet was chosen for a reason and there is a meaning behind each one. That’s why I think these bracelets are so special.
There are so many charms, clips and spacers to choose from to make each piece truly unique.  With so many styles to chose from as well I think it is fair to say that you are bound to find a style to suit almost every one.
I have got my eye on a few other charms which I would love to add to my collection, so if the other half sees this…hint hint!
Teapot Charm £40.00
Do you have a Pandora bracelet? Which charms are your favourite?

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