Monday, 1 June 2015

Hair Inspiration: The Reds

I've always wanted to have red hair but I have never managed to find the right hair dye to do exactly what I want. It either turns out not red enough or too much on the ginger side and just not what had I imagined. Here are some hair styles that I really love the look of. So if like me you really like this colour and need some inspiration here it is! Let me know what you think and if you know any good hair dyes!

Which style is your favourite?


  1. I've always dyed my hair red - although my dark roots are kind of dominating it at the moment! I've been using shop bought home dyes for years - I find casting creme gloss or garnier the best ones for a darker red feel - sort of like the selena gomez and megan fox one. If you want to go full bright red, I got mine professionally done using red magitone - it bleaches and colours the hair at once so it stands out on dark hair! Then I use bought hair dye to top it up as I go! :)xxx

    1. Thanks Megan, i will have a loading at the garnier and casting Creme dyes next time in in boots x