Sunday, 28 June 2015

Designer or High Street Prom?

My year 11 ball was nearly 10 years ago (blimey thinking about it makes me feel old!), and my sixth form ball I didn’t go to as quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered but that is a different story. Anyway even from then to now there has been a huge difference in how important your school leavers ball or ‘Prom’ is. The importance of it has increased significantly in the minds of school leavers and the American prom seems to be taking over. I remember watching ‘My Super Sweet 16’ when I was younger and thinking how amazing the parties looked, the dresses, the glitz and the glamour.
As amazing as it all looks all of this comes at a cost. has done some research in to how much we are spending on our Proms and the results show that some people can spend a small fortune!  15% of people asked were planning on spending more than £300 on the outfit with 26% of people asked wanting a designer frock, and that does not include every thing else! All of the results can be seen here.
I thought I would compile a couple of ideas to show the extremes of Prom, the higher end and the lower end. To show you that you can have a good time no matter what your budget.
designer prom outfit
1.Versace Gown £3829
2.Anya Hindmarch Bag £350.00

So for the very few who have can afford it we have got an outfit costing £4674. Then we have the extras; the transport, lets say a helicopter (£800), the tan (£45), the mani & pedi (£55), the hair (£40) and the makeup (£50). Totalling £5664. Now I know this is at one extreme end of the price scale but lets see how the cheaper option fairs.
affordable cheap high street prom outfit
1.Dress £5.99
2.Tesco F&F Clutch £7
3.Dorothy Perkins Sandals £17
With this option the full outfit will set you back £29.99 (Amazing value!). Just because we are trying to save money we still want to arrive in style! Splitting the cost of a limo for 2 hours (£37.50), the tan (Cocoa Brown £7.99), the mani & pedi (£3 at home). Now when it comes to hair and makeup there are so many Youtube videos with tutorials that you can do at home, give it a trial before your prom just to make sure it looks fabulous and then on the day you can do this yourself at home saving the pennies! This option comes to a grand total of £78.48.
My ball dress cost me £45, I done my own makeup and my Mum done my hair. Me and my friends split the cost of a limo and we had a really great time.
As you can see there are huge savings to be made. At the end of the day it’s really about having fun with your friends isn’t it? And that is priceless.
How much did you spend on your prom?

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