Monday, 30 September 2013

Shoe Showcase: Vans

So here's the next instalment of my 'Shoe Showcase' series. Today we a limited edition pair of Vans which I got as a Christmas present from my brother last year.

This is the first pair of Vans I have ever had and I think they are great. I really love the design of them and they are so comfy. You can get this style of Vans in just one colour, I am looking at buying another pair soon, however some of the designs you can get look amazing. They are perfect for adding a little something to basic outfit.
Sometimes I find when you buy shoes, particularly trainers with a design on they tend to fade after a little while. These look as good as new and the colouring is still as bright as they day I got them.

Even though these are not a pair of shoes that I chose for myself I still love them. I just shows that you do not need to be a skater to wear a pair of Vans!

What do you think of Vans? Are you more of a fan of the plain colour or the different designs?

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