Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint

The Lush Snow Fairy lip tint is part of the Snow Fairy range that is released over the Christmas period. All of the products from this range are based around a very pink and very girly scent which is what lured me into getting this product.

The lip tint comes in a small metal tin which is really good for just chucking in your handbag as the packaging is really sturdy. The lid also stays on really secure which again makes it great for travelling.

As soon as you open the lip tint you are greeted with a bright pink product that has the most gorgeous smell. The over riding scent is the bubblegum which honestly smells good enough to eat, although this is not recommended!
To apply this lip tint you have to use your fingers, although you could use a brush if you really wanted to. The product is easy enough to apply with your fingers and transfers with ease.
Once applied to your lips the next thing you notice after the scent is the lovely colour. It gives my lips a nice pop of colour without looking over the top. If you want pinker lips that still look natural then this is a great product to achieve this look. I find that it makes my entire face look healthier. My favourite way to wear this product is with a baby pink gloss over the top as I find it gives the most beautiful lip colour.

In terms of longevity I have found that this tint does last a couple of hours before starting to wear off. However it does transfer onto products really easily, if you have a drink for example you will find a big pink mark on your cup.

One thing that I do not like about this product however is its moisturising qualities. Having looked on the lush website I found that this tint contains coconut oil and shea butter which I would have guessed would have been ultra moisturising. Personally I do not find it very moisturising at all and in the winter I would definitely wear another lip balm along with this.
This is not the cheapest lip product on the market costing around £5.50, I do think this is over priced. I think if it was half this price I would repurchase for the lovely colour that it gives my lips but considering I did not find it as moisturising as other products I would not buy it again at full price.
I do really want to try the bubble gum lip scrub though as I have read great things about it and I think it would work perfectly with this!
What do you think of Lush Lip Tints?


  1. I never knew that these existed, but they look really fun! That pinks gorgeous on your lips :)