Thursday, 12 September 2013

Barry M Wink Eye Liner

After watching a video on you tube showing how to create the perfect flick on the outer corner of your eyes I decided that I needed the tool for this look. The video showed a fairly expensive felt tip eyeliner which I didn’t want to fork out on considering I had never used a felt liner before. With this in mind off I went to Superdrug to find a cheaper alternative. Luckily enough I found one, the Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen for eyes.
You can see why this is described as a black marker pen. If it wasn’t labelled as eyeliner it could easily be mistaken as a felt tip pen from its appearance. Being designed as a pen is supposed to allow the user to apply the eyeliner easily and with more precision.

As I opened the lid to this product I was actually quite surprised at how chunky and sturdy the nib looked. I thought it would be hard to apply as the nib looked stiff and worried about the thickness of the line it would create.

The pen itself is of a good thickness to hold steadily and apply the liner.
As I started applying I was immediately impressed with the intensity of the black. It really does stand out.
To my delight the liner applies very easily and the nib is just the right stiffness to move along your lash line but create an even line. I hate liquid liners as the brushes are always too flimsy so I can never get the line straight, this is not a problem with this liner. The nib also doesn’t feel rough against my eye lid.

Despite the nib looking thick I have found that you can create both thin and bolder lines with it depending on how you hold it. I really like this versatility.

Once applied the liner dries almost immediately and then goes on to last all day without smudging.
What are your favourite Barry M products?


  1. I was going to get this yesterday, wish I had now as it looks perfect for me! x

    1. I have really enjoyed using it, it is so easy to use :)