Friday, 20 September 2013

My Dream Beauty Box

I saw this post on SatchelsAndPearls the other day and I thought it was a great idea for a post. I have used beauty boxes in the past, I was subscribed to Glossy Box but decided to cancel my subscription as although I was getting some great products that I enjoyed using I was also getting things that I just didn’t need.
Anyway so after thinking long and hard about what I would put in a beauty box I came up with this. I tried to be as realistic as possible in terms of not putting in ridiculously expensive items. These are all products that I would love to try.
Origins Ginzeng Moisturiser- This would be a sample obviously since it is in a beauty box after all. My skin tends to be quite fussy with moisturisers but I have heard some great things about this product. I would love to try a sample to see how I got on with it before purchasing the full tub.
PopBand Hair Ties – Again another product that I have read about and would like to try. Basically they are hair bobbles that do not kink or knot in your hair, they also look pretty so can be worn on your wrist without looking horrible and scraggly like normal hair ties.
The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel – I like getting little bottles of shower gel in beauty boxes as they are great for travelling. This just happens to be the next shower gel I want to try as it sounds heavenly.
ThisWorks Sleep Spray – Recently I have been having trouble sleeping and would like to try a sleep spray to use on my pillows before bed.
BOMB Cosmetics Lavender Musk Bath Blaster – This relates to the sleeping issue. I think a lovely lavender bath bomb would work wonders before bed time. This one is from BOMB cosmetics, I have never tried anything from this brand before but they sell a wide range of products which are cheaper than lush. This bath bomb for example is only £2.29 so I think it would make a nice edition to my dream beauty box.
What would you put in your Dream Beauty Box?


  1. I have smelled the honey mania range in the body shop and it smells divine, I also enjoy little bottles of bodycare things haha so that'd be great! X


    1. I keep reading about the Honeymania range and it all sounds so good!