Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Makeup Storage

Makeup storage is now something that I could not do without. I used to keep all of my makeup is different makeup bags but when my collection started to grow further this was just so impractical when it came to looking for certain items and knowing what I needed to repurchase. So with this in mind I decided I needed some sort of system, and me being the organised person that I am I love a good organised system!
It took me a while to find these little desk top drawers. I knew what I wanted and could picture them in my head but just could not find them anywhere. So after about a month or so of searching I spotted these little beauties in Asda Direct and they were perfect.
As you can see there are four sections. I divide mine into; eyes, lips, face and other tools such as hair clips, sponges, eyelash curlers etc.
I have found that the drawers themselves are really spacious. In this photo the lipsticks and glosses are 2 deep so you can fit a fair few in there.
Since the drawers are plastic is also makes them easy to wipe clean. I think these cost me around £4-£5 which I think was a really good price.
Next up and also from Asda are these little plastic baskets. I use these for keeping my body products in and also any sample that I want to use.
These came in a pack of 3 and if I remember rightly I paid £2 for them, possibly £3. They are really handy for keeping things together neatly and out of the way.
Having a storage system for my makeup and beauty products has made it so much easier to find certain products, unorganised chaos is just not for me!
How do you organise your makeup?


  1. I store my make up in very similar drawers, I like having it close to hand and easy to reach, rather than stuffed into make up bags x