Thursday, 7 February 2013

Work Wardrobe: Matalan

 A couple of weeks ago I had to buy some smart clothes for a very important work thing I had to attend *yawn*. Any way I decided I would buy something new so off I popped to the shops.
 I saw this peplum dress which I thought was perfect and after trying it on it had ticked all the right boxes. Im not the tallest of people at 5'3 so sometimes find it difficult buying dresses which aren't too long but this one is just right. At the time I thought that it was a bargain at £15, now it has gone down to just £10! I got mine in black but it is also available in grey and various stripe designs.

 The dress is well fitted but not too tight and feels comfortable. I think it is one of those pieces that can be worn for different occasions as well so is a great bargain.
 Next onto shoes.........

These gorgeous nude shoes were just £14. They are not too high so are easy to walk in and are comfortable if you are wearing tights. I tried them on bare foot and they rubbed a bit but I am not brave enough to go out in a dress and not wear tights anyway. The lighting in the photo is not too great and the shoes look a bit yellow, they are more of a nude colour in real life like the top photo. 
 I did not purchase the bag in store when I saw it as I already had a bag I could use and wanted to save my pennies *sigh* however I do think it would go with the outfit nicely and costs only £12.


  1. That outfit is gorgeous!! Such a lovely little black dress too! :D Now following your blog, thank you so much for checking mine out earlier! Can't wait to read more posts from you.

  2. these shoes are fantastic , its literally so hard to find nice nude shoes or is that just me!!

    great post btw, like your style.

    have a great wkd


  3. Those shoes are an absolute bargain I love the dress too :)