Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review: Berber Hair Oil

 I received this hair treatment in a Glossy box months ago but I have been putting off using it for all that time. Why? You might wonder. And the reason is, I absolutely hate the thought of putting anything oily in my hair. It might seem strange but because my hair is quite thin I worry about products ‘clinging’ to it and making it looks greasy and flat. However I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

The oil has a lovely smell to it, quite sweet but not too sickly. When I poured it into my hands I was quite surprised as it was a thicker consistency to what I had imagined.  I do not use hair products like this when my hair is dry just because of personal preference so I tried this on damp hair. I distributed it through my hair and it glided effortlessly through. I then combed it through with my absolutely massive pink comb (Wilkinsons) and began to dry.

When I was drying my hair the brush was brushing through seamlessly as if there was no product in my hair at all.

The results were fabulous. At the moment the ends of my hair are quite dry, my own fault I need to get my hair cut. Anyway, my hair felt so soft from root to tip. And it looked healthier, more nourished and glossy. My dry ends even looked and felt better.

 After using this product I don’t know what I was so worried about. I love the results and even though I got this one in a Glossy box I would buy it again. At around £6.00 for 10ml I think it is a pretty good price considering I think the bottle will last quite a long time.

 What hair oil treatments have you tried?

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  1. lovely review!

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