Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Room 101

 I really like watching Room 101 on the BBC and thought it would be fun to think about and write what I would put into Room 101. So here it goes……..

1. Sea Gulls

 I absolutely hate sea gulls! I swear they go out of their way to torment me. I have had one land on my head and steal my doughnut and last year whilst I was in Cornwall one tried to bully me into giving it my pasty. I was not having any of it and ended up running away, that Rhubarb and Custard pasty was mine! And I swear they are getting bigger, in Cornwall they were like giants, very dinosaur-esque. They are greedy, nasty bullies and they would definitely be the first thing I would put in Room 101.

2.Word Verification

Basically as many of you may know when you want to leave a comment on certain blogs or buy items online quite often you will be asked to type in two words. This I do not have a problem with, what I do have a problem with is where on earth do they find these words!? When the writing is all blurry and the words are words that no human being has ever heard of I find it incredibly frustrating. It’s especially frustrating if you are using your phone and it proceeds to change the random words into some other completely random word. Grrr

3. Mess
 I consider myself to be quite a tidy person, I'm very pro-clean and like things to have a place. One thing I absolutely cannot stand is mess, dirt and people who do not clean up after themselves. It drives me up the wall!
 I don't understand why people can't take 10 seconds to have a quick clean for example wiping down work top surfaces. Why not just get it over and done with rather than letting the food sit there being all gross. Don't get me started on bits of food in butter, oh my days, it completely grosses me out and I throw the butter away. Why would I want bits of marmite/toast etc all over my nice sandwich, yuck!

Well that’s my little rant over, what would you put into Room 101?

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