Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How I clean my makeup brushes

 Now I know you can buy fancy brush cleansers and that this probably is not the way you are advised to clean your makeup brushes but I thought I would share how I clean my brushes.
 All I use is simple baby shampoo. The one that I am using at the moment is this one from Tesco:

 It is so much more affordable than brush cleansers and the fact that it is gentle enough for a baby’s hair means that it is nice and gentle on brushes.

So in order to get my brushes nice and clean all I do is squirt a little bit of the shampoo onto the brush then massage in with my fingers and rinse with warm water. You will probably need to repeat this a few times. I do this until the water runs clear and hey presto clean brushes.



  1. Great post I just cleaned mine yesterday, one little thing I found using baby shampoo was that it did not remove all the oil from the make up. did you ever find this?



    1. Hi, no it has worked fine for me, good clean brushes :)

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