Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Top 3 Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter's

I absolutely love the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters and I am slowly making my way to building quite the collection.  They are perfect for every day wear as they provide moisture and colour and they are easy to top up on the go if you need to. Although this is a rarity as the colour pay off is really good.

However if I could only choose 3 of the lip butters to have in my collection they would be these beauties: Candy Apple, Lollipop and Peach Parfait.
I love each of these shades and think that if you could only pick 3 these would definitely be the ones to go for as they are on such different sides of the colour scale.
Candy Apple. Lollipop. Peach Parfait

What I like about these shades as well is that they are great for both day wear and evening wear. Candy Apple and Lollipop especially can be used in the evening when you want to create something a bit bolder. Or if you want to tone it down in the day and create a look which features your lips with that extra pop of colour these are perfect.
My most used shade out of the 3 is Peach Parfait. This was actually one of the first Revlon lip butters that I picked up and it is definitely going to be a repurchase for years to come, as long as Revlon do not discontinue it of course! It is just the perfect shade for me. It is a beautiful coral with just a little bit of shimmer, if you are looking for a new summer lip product I cannot recommend this shade highly enough!
So Revlon I salute you for bringing us a great, all-rounder lip product to hydrate, colour and give us perfectly kissable lips!

What are your favourite Revlon Color Burst shades?

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