Friday, 10 April 2015

Looks like Jam, Smells like Jam.....

Recently I picked up this ‘Early-Harvest Raspberry’ body scrub for an absolutely crazy price in the Body Shop sale and it definitely has not disappointed!
 Firstly the smell, it smells sooooo good! It smells like actual raspberries and the scent stays on your skin for ages.
 Next thing I have to say is how much this looks like jam, even the scrub particles look like the seeds in jam. But a word of caution, as delicious as this looks it is not suitable for consumption!
 Usually I use scrubs that are a bit harsher, like sugar scrubs. This one is more of a jelly consistency but it is so lovely to use. I think especially if you have got quite sensitive skin this more gentle scrub would be ideal just to help to combat dry skin. It is just what you need to give yourself a good pamper.
 This is the first body scrub that I have tried from the Body Shop but it certainly will not be the last!
Find out what else I picked up in my Body Shop Haul here.
Have you tried anything from the Body Shop Raspberry range?

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