Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shave, Epilate or Wax?....That is the Question

Since it is the summer, although you wouldn’t have guessed from the recent weather in England, I thought I would do a post to show you the 3 ways that I use in my hair removal routine.

Depending on the situation, how long I want to be fuzz-free and how much time I have on my hands will determine which of the 3 methods I use. I either shave, wax or epilate.

First of all is my most used method of hair removal which is shaving. This is the most popular way for most women as it is quick, easy and pain free. The tools I use for the job are the Venus Gillette Embrace razor and a shaving gel. I love the Gillette Venus razors as I find that they give such a close shave and are really affordable. The shaving gel that I am using at the minute is one from Superdrug, it is one for sensitive skin and contains aloe vera. I suffer from a bit of eczema on my legs so try and use products that are designed for sensitive skin on them whenever I can.

Next up is epilating. Many people are put off by the thought of epilating, yes this device does look and sound terrifying but honestly once you have done it once it is a godsend. The epilator that I use is the Satinelle Ice Premium from Philips. If anybody does not know how an epilator works basically the head contains tiny tweezers that pull each of your hairs out, it’s not as scary as it sounds! What I really like about this epilator is the ice pack on the back. You stick this in the freezer about an hour or so before you want to epilate and then put it back on, the epilator glides over your skin and the ice pack cools it down so it hardly hurts at all. What is also great about this particular epilator is that it can be plugged in and charged, no wasting money on batteries! I find that if I epilate the results generally last between 1 and 2 weeks before I have to de-fuzz again.

My final and most effective way of hair removal is waxing. This may take a lot more time and effort than the other 2 ways but I find the results last longer, generally 2-3 weeks.  If I am going on holiday then waxing is what I go for every time. The waxing strips that I have at the moment are the Soft and Smooth waxing strips from Avon. I find that they are really affordable as they are often on offer and they do a great job at getting rid of the hair.

What are your tips for silky smooth skin?


  1. I shave but use Inhibitif which ive written quite a few posts about xx

    1. I have been reading your posts about that, it does sound good!

  2. I always have such a problem shaving my legs, my skin is soooo sensitive and it usually ends up in a shaving rash :( i have an epilater but im too much of a wuss to use it on my legs haha im so useless! I like this post though, Havent seen a post about this before!:)

    Georgia x

    1. thankyou! you should definitely try your epilator, its honestly not that bad :)