Monday, 15 July 2013

B. Pure Micellar Water

 With all the hype surround Micellar Water on the old blogosphere I decided I just had to give it a go. My weapon of choice is the B.Pure Micellar Water which is a range available in Superdrug.
Micellar water works to cleanse, tone and refresh your skin in one easy step. Anything that makes my routine easier is a big tick in my book.
 Before I started using this product I was using face wipes to remove my makeup before cleansing. I bought this product to use instead of wipes as I read that they were not necessarily the best thing to use on your skin. I also thought it would be more cost effective as I was going through face wipes at a record pace.
 I simply wipe a cotton pad of the water over my face and to my surprise it removes my makeup sp easily and gently.  On days that I have not worn makeup and am feeling lazy I just use this rather than a cleanser and my face still feels really clean.
 Another way I have used this recently is as a quick refresher in the mornings. I took this on holiday and used it in the mornings rather than taking my entire skin care routine and it worked wonders just to remove any residue from the moisturiser that I had used the night before.
 Since I have been using this I have seen an improvement in my skin overall and would recommend it over face wipes any day of the week.
 I managed to get this in Superdrug when it was on offer for £3.32, its normal price is £4.99. A little really goes a long way with this product so I do not think I will need to buy any more any time soon however when I do run out I will definitely repurchase, even at full price.
What do you think of Micellar Waters?


  1. I'm using this at the minute & really love it! I've also bought the L'Oréal one too to try next :)

    Sarah |

    1. Will be interesting to see how the loreal one compares xxx

  2. I'm not a fan of the Micellar waters. I just think that they're a fad. I have other products that remove my make up and cleanse my face, so I doubt I'll ever be trying and waters.
    That being said, a lot of other people do seem to find these waters amazing

    1. That's a shame. I definitely think they are worth a try though, especially when they are on offer x