Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What's In My Every Day Bag?

 I'm nosey and always enjoy reading a ‘What’s in my bag’ post so naturally I thought I should do my own for anybody else out there who is nosey like me!
 So first off this is my bag. This is the Germaine tote bag from Mischa Barton’s collection and I love it. It is really roomy, its great quality and I absolutely love the design.

 The first thing that is in my bag is this bag organiser which I got from Amazon for around £3. Now I know it doesn’t look like the coolest thing to have in your bag but I think it’s great. Not only does it keep all my stuff in pockets making it easy to find but it also protects the lining of my bag.

 So the biggest things I keep in my bag are a diary, a notebook, my purse and also a separate little beauty bag.

 In the beauty bag I keep ladies hygiene items (you know what I’m talking about), pain killers and a small amount of other little goodies. I like to have a little perfume sample of some sort at the moment I am using Lady Gaga’s. I also have the Figs and Rouge balm in Cherry Vanilla, a Palmers cocoa butter lip balm, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream sample and a compact mirror.

 Now on to the main goodies. I have a tube of Elizabeth Arden moisturiser, a tangle teezer, cleansing wipes for wiping my hands, a sachet or aero hot chocolate (you never know when you might fancy a hot chocolate), some go ahead crispy slices in case I get peckish, a pen, some trebor mints and my headphones.
And that my beautiful friends is it, did I mention I do like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink!

Link your ‘What’s in my bag’ posts below!


  1. Great post! Love seeing what everyone carries around, I'm so nosy x


  2. I love these posts! I think it's because I'm nosy and carry such a massive bag I like to see if I'm the only one who carries absolutely everything! Though I must say, I don't carry hot choco with me haha.
    Great blog!

    Tori xx


    1. Lol it was a hotel freebie and I thought it would be handy keeping it in my bag just in case lol

  3. I love your bag organiser I really should get 1 mines a mess! :) x