Monday, 17 June 2013

Ted Baker Purse

 Today I wanted to share with you guys something that I use almost on a daily basis and something that I absolutely love which is my Ted Baker purse.

 I got this as a present for Christmas and I have to say it is the best purse that I have ever had.

 I am the type of girl who likes a big purse, something that has plenty of room without looking too bulky or over the top and I think this purse does that perfectly.

 I absolutely adore the colour, it is very girly and very me. Who can say they don't like a bit of pink and gold? 

 The detailing on the purse is fantastic. I love the little bits of detailing that set it off. The bows on the clasps are so cute and the Ted Baker embossing around the clasps is an extra bit too make it extra special in my eyes. 

 As I said I like a big purse, this purse has so much storage and pockets. There is plenty of room for your cash, cards, vouchers, receipts, stamps and more. I can't be doing with all that faffing around trying to stuff things into little pockets.

 The detailing continues on the inside of the purse. I love this little phrase that’s is printed on the leather, 'Ted says the more you give, the more you get'. The lining of the purse is super cute with the dogs and it also means the coins don't rub on the leather.

 I think this cost around £75 which isn't the cheapest purse on the market but I think for the design and the quality it is definitely worth it. You can get a good selection of Ted Baker purses with various designs either on their website here or at House of Fraser.

What sort of purse to you use? If you have done a post like this link it below