Monday, 25 March 2013

Monu 'Warming Aromatic Mask'

This is another product that I received in a glossy box and had yet to try so the other day when I fancied some TLC and pampering it seemed perfect.

The Monu warming aromatic mask contains natural clay, lavender and rosemary and is designed to be used on normal/combination skin.

 When I first opened the bottle it was like I had been smacked right in the face with a bunch of lavender. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so strong but I like lavender so this isn’t a problem for me. If you do not like lavender this is perhaps not the product for you.

 The product rubs onto your skin easily then all that is left to do is sit and relax. I really liked the warming sensation of this product as it isn’t hot as such it is just nice and gentle. I cannot tell you how relaxing this mask is, it made me feel so calm and sleepy it is unbelievable. Not good during the day! Next time I will definitely try using it before bedtime.

This product does not harden so after 10-15 minuets all you need to do is wash it off. The mask washed off easily with warm water and a little bit of help from some cotton wool pads.

 After I washed it off my skin felt really cleansed and uplifted. For a great pampering product when you want some ‘Me’ chill out time I would definitely give this a go.

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