Thursday, 14 March 2013

Give The Gift Of Baking

A few weeks ago I entered a competition via Twitter and was lucky enough to win! The prize was 2 of these fantastic Cookie Jars from Lets Bake Cookies. I received the mini egg varieties but they sell other flavours including: Triple chocolate, Cranberry and coconut, Oatmeal and Raisin, and Smartie.                         

Everything you need to make your cookies comes layered in this cute little jar which can also be used afterwards and is a very handy storage piece. Anyway back to the cookies. All you need to do is add an egg, butter and vanilla extract to this mix to make your cookies. All of the instructions are provided in the little booklet. This mix makes 10-12 big cookies, I made 11 so just about right.

The cookies take no time at all to cook and once they are cooked and cooled taste absolutely delicious.

I think these are great alternative gifts and would be suitable for any age group. You can find them online by clicking here . The jars themselves cost £6.99. You can also find them on Twitter @The GastroClub.

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