Monday, 25 March 2013

Anatomicals 'Your Nose Smells Rose' Body Cleanser

I received this body cleanser in a glossy box a little while ago and since I am trying to save a little bit of money by using the mountains of products I already have I thought I would give it a go.
Anatomicals is a fairly new brand to me and it’s only recently that I have started seeing their products popping up in the likes on Tesco and on popular sites such as Asos. All of their products come in bright packaging with quirky phrases on the front. This one says, “You need a blooming shower! Your nose smells rose body cleanser”, it then goes on to have a little story type thing on the back. Some of my other favourite phrases that I have seen include, “Sud the lot of you! Mango and Papaya body cleanser” and “Don’t just clean it woman, scrub it. Body scrub”. Mango and papaya sounds delish!

Anyway back to the product. The shower cleanser comes in a tube that sits on its head making it ideal for perching in the shower and enables you to use as much product as possible as it all flows down to the lid. This one is bright pink, all of the products from Anatomicals come in really eye catching tubes and tubs which I think make them ideal as gifts.
The product squeezes out easily and it looks like any other ordinary pink shower gel. The smell of rose is beautiful. Usually I am not a big fan of rose scented products because I find they can smell a bit too old lady however this one is floral but subtle.
The cleanser lathers up nicely on a body net and the smell of roses fills the air. It feels lovely and gentle on my skin but perhaps not as moisturising as I would like. I really like shower products form the likes of Dove for their moisturising qualities.
After getting out of the shower and having a sniff of my skin I have to say I was disappointed. The blooming roses that I could smell during my shower seemed to have disappeared. I really have to get close to my skin and have a strong whiff but the scent is still only very slight.

I was really gutted as this smelt gorgeous in the shower. However this has made me want to try more of the anatomical products, any suggestions?

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