Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dry Skin Saviours

My skin tends to be quite good but the one problem I do suffer with is dryness. The skin on my face can sometimes feel really dry and I suffer with eczema on my legs so there a few products which I like to keep in stock to help combat this.
If we start with the face first I absolutely love the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask. I use this twice a week in my skin care routine but I do use it more if my skin is feeling particularly dry. It smells amazing and works wonders to give my skin a much needed boost.
A product that I use every evening in my skin care routine is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum. This product is also really really good! I apply it before a moisturiser and it just provides instant relief. It sinks into my skin to make it feel instantly hydrated.
Now onto the body products. I have recently been using this body butter from Korres in the scent Mulberry Vanilla….yes it is as good as it sounds! It smells so yummy. I like this as it is quite thick and after you have rubbed it in a residue is left on your skin. This may not be for everyone but I quite like this as I think it provides moisture on your skin for a longer period of time.
The last product is not necessarily the most luxurious but it is a necessity for me and that is this Itch Relief Cream from Boots. I have to have a cream like this on hand in case my eczema flares up. I literally just slap in all over my legs and will just sit with layers of cream of my legs, sexy I know. I do like this one from Boots and have been using it for a little while, it is affordable and effective.
What are your dry skin essentials?

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