Sunday, 16 August 2015

Body Shop Haul & Discount Code

body shop sale haul discount code
I never pay full price for items at The Body Shop. There are always discount codes floating about and the one I used this time was for 35% off just enter code 14317 at the checkout but this code does end today (16th August). Don’t worry if you do not read this post in time as I’m sure there will be more codes released in the near future!
body shop sale haul discount code
The first items that I bought were the banana shampoo and conditioner. I have heard a lot about these and I have to say they smell a-mazing! I can’t wait to give them a try.
Next up is the Body Shop BB cream. This looks different to other BB creams that I have used as it actually comes out white and blends with your skin on application so I am interested in seeing how this works with my skin and if it is a good colour match.
I have only tried a small number of cosmetics from the Body Shop so I am very excited to try this highlighter. I have actually had my eye on it for a while but have always had other products on the go so could not justify buying more but this time I had no excuse!
I have repurchased the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter a couple of times but this time decided to mix it up and try the Cleansing Oil just to see how it compares. The Cleansing Butter works really well on my skin but just fancied a bit of a change!
Next is a constant re-purchase which is the Tea Tree Cool & Creamy face wash. It is great for blemish prone skin and helps to keep my skin clear and feeling fresh!
Have you picked up anything recently from The Body Shop? What would you recommend?

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