Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Pyjama Wish List

I love pyjamas! I think I would go as far to say that if it were acceptable to wear pyjamas out and about in every day life I definitely would! So anyway I have put together some pyjama sets which I think are so cute and would make great additions to my ever growing pyjama collection.
boux avenue pyjamas bed time wish list
Boux Avenue Flying Pigs Shorts Set - £18.00
Boux Avenue Midnight Rose Top & Pants Set- £32.00
Boux Avenue Sleep Tee - £18.00
tesco f&f disney mickey eeyore simpsons pyjamas bed time wish list
Tesco F&F Mickey Mouse Pyjamas - £14.00
Tesco F&F The Simpsons Pyjamas - £14.00
Tesco Eeyore Sleep Tee - £10.00
marks and spencer pyjamas bed time wish list
Marks & Spencer Floral Lace Pyjamas - £35.00
Marks & Spencer Silk Teddy with Rose Lace - £59.00
Marks & Spencer Floral Short Pyjamas - £29.50
Which of these pyjamas are your favourite?

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