Monday, 22 April 2013

Garnier BB Cream

A little while ago when there was all the hype around BB creams being released I immediately knew that I wanted to try one. I have quite sensitive skin which makes me quite nervous about trying new skin care products as if my skin doesn’t like it you will know about it generally with a breakout and spots coming up all over the place! I decided I would go for this BB cream from Garnier as my skin tends to respond well to Garnier products. Also the fact that it wasn’t going to break the bank as it was on offer for £6.00 from £9.99 practically made it rude not to buy.
The other reason I decided to go for this Garnier product was because it had so many good claims such as; even skin tone, boost glow, blurs imperfections, smoothes fine skin, 24 hour hydration and SPF 15 UV protection. Quite an impressive list for one product!
The BB cream comes in a squeezey tube that sits on its head allowing the product to flow through and be squeezed out of the tube easily. I keep it in the box especially when travelling as I fear that because it is so easy to squeeze I could end up with a BB cream catastrophe.
I have quite a pale skin tone so naturally I went for the light shade of cream. When I first squeezed it out I thought it looked incredibly dark but I persevered.
Normally I wouldn’t notice the scent of a foundation but since this is more of a cream it does have a nice scent to it which kind of reminds me of sun cream.
To use I simply put four dots of product on each corner of my face, my forehead, my cheeks and my chin, and then rub in like I would a moisturiser.

To my surprise once I started rubbing the product in it did look lighter and was actually quite a good match for my skin tone. It blends into my skin easily and does not look at all cakey.

This does even out my skin tone and reduces and redness that I might have. In terms of coverage you have to remember this is only a BB cream. It does have coverage to an extent but if you have large or darker blemishes you will need to use concealer. I have used concealer with this product and they blend excellently together.
In terms of longevity I have put this on before and 8 hour shift at work and still feel confident that my skin is looking good at the end of my shift.
One thing I would say about this particular product is that I would not wear it if you have oily skin. On my skin the product gives a dewy finish but I think if you already had oily skin this would just make your skin worse. Garnier do sell a BB cream that is specifically designed for oily skin, I would recommend giving that one a go as it is practically the same apart from its consistency.
I really like this product as it makes a nice change to wearing foundation. It is much lighter and can be applied quicker. For days when you want to give your skin a bit of a break, you do not have time to apply foundation or you simply cannot be bothered this is perfect!
I have also used this as a base coat before applying foundation for a night out and it really helps to keep my makeup in place without having to touch up.
Tip: I heard through the grapevine that this was on offer for £1.99 at home bargains, might be worth checking out!

Have you tried any BB creams? What would you recommend?

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  1. I have tried this BB Cream, and it was so dark for me. Such a shame, as you get such a big bottle for the price xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie