Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a project that I am going to be taking part in the Christmas and is something that everybody can get involved in.

The project is run every year by a charity called 'Samaritans Purse' and it aims to deliver Christmas presents to children all over the world who might not other wise be able to afford presents.

What you have to do is chose whether you would like your presents to be delivered to a boy or a girl, chose from the age ranges given and then you are free to fill a shoe box with goodies to be delivered to them! There are limitations about what you can send and they do ask that you try and include items from every category; toys, education, hygiene and other items such as sweets or set items of clothing.

I have just started shopping for my presents and am really excited about knowing a little boy and a little girl are going to open them somewhere and hopefully enjoy what I have chosen for them.

Once you have filled your shoe box and wrapped it in some beautiful festive wrapping you can take it to your local drop of point. From there they will deliver it to one of the countries that the charity works with. If you want to know what country your box was sent to you can pay your £3 shipping donation online and then print out a bar code to place on the inside of your box, you will then receive and email in n the coming months telling you where your box went.

Boxes need to be dropped of between the 1st and 18th of November so there is still plenty of time to take part.

I think this is a really lovely idea and just wanted to share it with you guys as I know how lovely you all are and thought it might be something that you would like to get involved with as well.
Let me know if you take part!

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